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Gem PricesGem Prices - Gems are very beautiful when cut and polished well. We show various gems and their prices. Gem stones, Fire Mountain gems, fine gem stone jewelry, Tuscon gem and mineral show, gem shops, precious gems and others.

Emerald gems are available in different grades and prices vary depending on the grades. Colombian emerald cabochon gem, Colombian emerald pear shape gemstone and emerald faceted gem prices.

Emerald Gems

Colombian Emerald Cabochon Gem

Emerald Gems, Colombian Emerald Cabochon Gem (Click to enlarge)
Colombian Emerald Cabochon Gem
Price: $5837

The retail value of this fine quality emerald cabochon is more than $150. per carat! For a limited time this wonderful gem is being offered at a special price of $50.00/carat = $5837.

Colombian Emerald Pear Shape Gemstone

Emerald Gems, Colombian Emerald Pear Shape Gemstone (Click to enlarge)
Colombian Emerald Pear Shape Gem
Price: $531.10

This breathtaking pear shaped emerald gemstone has a very nice medium-dark tone of slightly bluish-green (100% natural color). This faceted gem has a weight of 0.94 carats and can be bought for the special offer price of $531.10.

Emerald Faceted Gem

Emerald Gems, Emerald Faceted Gem (Click to enlarge)
Emerald Faceted Gem   Price: $494.90

This beautiful emerald in a medium tone of green is excellent value at only $490.00 per carat. ($494.90) total price.

All of the prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at June 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Mineral Miners - The Colombian emerald cabochon gem & emerald pear shape gemstone can be bought online from this website. Ships Internationally. www.mineralminers.com

Kai Silver - More information about the dark green and large emerald gems featured on this page can be found at this website. For sales and queries e-mail sales@kaisilver.com. Ships Internationally. www.kaisilver.com

Dark Green Emerald Gem

Emerald Gems, Dark Green Emerald Gem (Click to enlarge)
Dark Green Emerald Gem
Price: $350

This emerald gemstone is an average quality gemstone, the price is not very high and the deep green color in a way reduces the visibility of the inclusions in the gemstone. The price of this emerald gemstone is just 350 U.S$. A bigger piece of the same quality and size 10x8mm, would be priced at just 600 U.S$. Shipping charges are 25 U.S$.

Large Emerald Gem Stone

Emerald Gems, Large Emerald Gem Stone (Click to enlarge)
Large Emerald Gem Stone
Price: 1,250

The price of this large emerald gem stone is just 1,250 U.S$. If you are looking for a much better grade in the same size and shape, the price would be 2,000 U.S$ for the piece. A more spectacular premium grade emerald with good clarity and rich green color would be priced at 4,000 U.S$ for the piece. Shipping charges are 25 U.S$

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