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Gem PricesGem Prices - Gems are very beautiful when cut and polished well. We show various gems and their prices. Gem stones, Fire Mountain gems, fine gem stone jewelry, Tuscon gem and mineral show, gem shops, precious gems and others.

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads have been one of America's leading jewelry making suppliers since 1973. A large selection of gem stones like emeralds and sapphires can be bought online from their website.

Fire Mountain Gems

Fire Mountain is a beading and jewelry supply company based in Oregon USA. It sells an extensive range of beads, stringing material, chains, clasps, faceted gems, charms and pendants via catalogs and online from their website. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads also sell all manner of jewelry craft tools, books and videos. This broad selection coupled with their wholesale prices makes them a popular company amongst craft and jewelry makers across the USA and beyond.

Faceted gems (Click to enlarge)
Faceted gems

As Sarah White of 'love to know crafts' states: "Yes, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is out to sell you something. The company's patterns section shows off its beads beautifully, in the hopes that you will buy all the supplies to make yourself a piece just like the ones shown. But it's still a great site for tips, techniques, patterns and projects."

According to the Startup Journal article; 'Web-Security Rules Loom for Small Firms', Fire Mountain Gems and Beads handles about 650,000 credit-card transactions a year, and has embraced a recent security push by Visa USA and MasterCard International Inc aimed at companies engaged in e-commerce. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads finance manager Nicki Wilhelm, says: "It's not an inexpensive process at all, but it's part of doing business in a responsible way," she says. "When you're a direct marketer, it's the most important thing that you have the trust of your customers."

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has also just changed their assortability process, called '$ave BIG with Assortability'. Instead of each type of product having its own assortability, it is now possible to assort everything together. This makes it much easier to know how quantities will affect costs. The discount prices are now color coded according to the quantity you buy which makes it easier to keep track of how much you are spending.

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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads - Official website of this beading and jewelry supply company. Ships Worldwide. (Faceted gems page)

Facet Rough Gemstones - More gems and beads can be bought online from this website. Ships Internationally.

love to know crafts - A site devoted to beading and other home craft projects.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads - Further information about Fire Mountain's '$ave Big With Assortability'.

Beading materials (Click to enlarge)
Beading materials

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
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Tel: (800) 423-2319
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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads uses United States Postal Service (USPS) and Federal Express for delivery within the United States:

Orders shipped to Canadian addresses are shipped via Federal Express International,UPS International or Canadian Air Mail.

Orders to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are shipped via USPS Priority Mail only.

International orders placed online are shipped exclusively by FedEx International. UPS is available for International orders placed by phone through Customer Service.

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